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Promhelis Flight Two - 'The Prom'

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Breathtaking views of Wilsons Promontory and surrounding coastal areas, this flight includes stunning visuals of 'The Prom' lighthouse. The lighthouse was constructed during the 1850's and is only accessible by a fifty kilometre hike.

Route for this flight:

Shallow Inlet, Darby Bay, Whisky Bay, Oberon Bay, South Point, Wilsons Prom Lighthouse, Waterloo Bay ans Sealers Cove.

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  • Please contact Promhelis or visit the website to view tour times and make a booking request.

    Departure details: 01/01/01 - 01/01/01

Tour operator

Promhelis was born to share the passion of flight and the land combined.

The helicopter offers unparalleled views of the world below in a smooth, comfortable and safe platform.

Both company directors are keen aviators and combined have thousands of hours of experience with safety being the up most important focus.

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