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Glimpses by Sharyn Madder and Beatrice Magalotti

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Until 29 Sep 2017

Sharyn Madder has worked for many years as a free-lance education/natural history artist for Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum, the Gould League, Parks Victoria, The Marine Discovery Centre, Vox Bandicoot and many local councils, publishers and individuals.

This interest in the natural environment continues and remains the main focus of her work. Many hours are spent drawing around the coastal areas of South Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula. Sharyn exhibits regularly and is involved with the ‘Alphington Open Studios’ artist’s group

Using skills formed in pursuit of familiar domestic crafts, Beatrice Magalotti is bringing to the fore traditional techniques in a contemporary manner, highlighting the work of women through centuries of domestic toil. Beatrice’s ceramic napkins defy the rigidity of the fired form and float delicately above the table they once graced. By appropriating the notion and use of embroidery there is playfulness where the floating napkins take on a metaphor of life.

Her work reflects the discoloration of once treasured and lovingly embroidered fabrics, fading through time. In her sculptural series exploring crochet, Beatrice hints at the invisible woman, the identity of the maker. The identity of women across generations is referenced in the spaces between the stitches.

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