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History Alive - Geelong Eastern Cemetery Tour

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Geelong Eastern Cemetery Tours

Let Captain Foster Fyans and James Harrison guide you through the historical sections of the Geelong Eastern Cemetery and visit graves of our pioneers where storytelling and interaction with costumed interpreters will transport you and your family back in time.

Talk to Caroline Newcomb, Elizabeth Austin, Reverend Andrew Love, Howard Hitchcock, Francis Nesbitt, and John Batman’s wife, Eliza Batman (nee Sarah Willoughby) and visit graves of other notable Geelong people.

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  • Next Cemetery Tour is Saturday 10 February 2018 at 11.00am and Wednesday 14 February 2018 at 6.00pm

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There is an element of calm quiet in a cemetery – and a tantalising glimpse of history, too.
Many people visit cemeteries simply to read the interesting inscriptions on old memorials. However, the life of a deceased person can rarely be summed up in a few brief lines on a headstone.

That’s why Geelong’s unique History Alive tours were created. They provide a much more insightful glimpse into the lives and times of a number of extraordinary individuals who are interred in Geelong’s Eastern Cemetery.

The Geelong Eastern Cemetery is the oldest, and one of the most interesting burial grounds in Victoria. Its first burial, 1839, makes Geelong the oldest working cemetery in the state. Like many of Australia’s first cemeteries, some burial records have been unfortunately lost, while others have gone unrecorded.

But enough is preserved to allow a different, comprehensive aspect into history – just walking the paths of the Cemetery’s older area is to gain a unique understanding of our shared heritage.