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Rock Climbing - You Yangs, Werribee Gorge, Grampians & Arapiles

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Geelong Adventure Specialists

Geelong Adventure Specialists provide unbeatable rock climbing and abseiling adventures. It is a fantastic activity for all ages and experience levels. Nothing beats that incredible feeling after reaching the top of a climb. Whether you are keen to try a new challenge or you are a climber that is in need of your fix, Geelong Adventure Specialists can show you around the local crags or gramps and araps.

Geelong Adventure Specialists specialize in guiding small numbers of one to nine (or more if needed). They love climbing and are more than happy to take just you, or you and a friend, however each additional person reduces the rate you all pay, so it is best to get your mates on board. For families they offer a discount for kids under 16. They also offer a climb and ride, climb and wine, and climbing weekend packages.

Where possible Geelong Adventure Specialists will also provide transport there and back. Let's get climbing.

Price & booking


$60.00 - $200.00

Rates are for a full day package (up to four hours). Rates vary due to one or fifteen people being on the tour.

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  • Please contact Geelong Adventure Specialists via phone, email or visit the website for more information.

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Welcome to Geelong Adventure Specialists, number one on Trip Advisor for outdoor activities, specialising in high quality private adventures and tours for anyone or any group.

Geelong Adventure Specialists focus on seasonal outdoor activities. Currently it is land-based activities and tours locally, and activity-specific trips further afield.

If you are keen for a challenge, a fun day with friends, or just some time out in one of the many diverse and beautiful natural places in the region, Geelong Adventure Specialists will take care of everything.

Are you ready for some fun? Contact Geelong Adventure Specialists for further information.