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Geelong Greyhound Racing Club

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In March 2008 the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club as it is now known, established its brand new kennel and administrative facility valued at $1.2 million.

Furthermore the biggest development in the clubs history is currently underway with a complete re-development of grandstand, restaurant, bar and TAB facilities as well as a newly configured two track complex with both country and city racing configurations.

This new $8 million dollar facility will be called The Beckley Centre and will validate Geelong as an epicentre for greyhound racing and the GGRC at the forefront of greyhound racing in Australia.

For the premium greyhound racing experience, the brand new state of the art Beckley Centre is a winner. First class in every way, this dining area is set with panoramic views over the twin racetracks, and the winning post.

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