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Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday

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12 - 15 Jul 2017

Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday celebrates two epic birthdays – eighteen and eighty - major transition points in adult life.

One represents untold potential and opportunity; the other a lifetime of experiences, aspirations, fears and memories. Scripted from intimate real-life conversations with people either side of these milestones, Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is a beautifully warm and human show from Roslyn Oades & Collaborators.

Playful and affecting in equal measure, this Melbourne Festival and Malthouse Theatre hit sees Oades continue her ground-breaking ‘headphone verbatim’* documentary theatre technique that creates extraordinarily immediate and vivid performances.

What is headphone verbatim performance? Extensive interviews with diverse participants capture their real-life responses, which are edited into a scripted audio track. The performers wear headphones on stage and are fed the original audio, which they then perform to the audience.

Content: Geelong Performing Arts Centre

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$20.00 - $58.00

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