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Old Geelong Gaol Prison Break

24 Sep 2017, 24 Sep 2017

Very few people are able to say that they have successfully broken out of a maximum security prison.

Uplift Events will be giving the general public the unique opportunity to break out of the Old Geelong Gaol on 24th September 2017. Teams will be confined inside the eerie prison cells the Old Geelong Gaol, where they will have to use their smarts to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape the prison within one and a half hours.

Groups of six are left to break out of prison using hidden items and secret messages in the cell. The fight for freedom will test the problem solving abilities and the lateral thinking of the temporary prisoners. Unlike escape rooms, participants will have the opportunity to see different parts of these historic prisons as they move through different scenarios of the break out.

If you think you have got what it takes to break out of prison, gather your family and friends or work colleagues and test your puzzle solving skills and teamwork against other inmates. There are only a limited number of spots, so get in early to avoid missing out.

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Group of up to 6 people