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History & heritage

Feel the deep connection to the region's heritage in all that you do in Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges. History here is written by the land, from the volcanic events that created Hanging Rock and the Macedon ranges, to the veins of gold that ushered in the gold rush and the fertile soils that brought first wave of Swiss Italian migrants to the region.

So slow down and experience a living history. Collect seasonal produce from generations-old farms, sample wines made from hundred year-old vines, or rest and rejuvenate in mineral springs that were popular with holidaymakers from Victorian times.

Gold fever

The historic main streets and opulent architecture of the region dates back to the 1850s, when people from all over the world rushed to find gold. They left behind granite, bluestone and sandstone buildings that give these small country towns their touches of grandeur.

Lie back and soak in history at the Hepburn Mineral Springs Bathhouse, which has been the place to go for travellers in search of health and wellbeing since 1895.

Wander around the region's tiny villages, including Clunes, Creswick and Trentham. Walk through the historic train stations, courthouses and town halls. Explore the bluestone buildings of Kilmore, Victoria's oldest inland settled town, boasting more than 40 buildings listed on the Register of National Estate, and see more bluestone in Malmsbury and Kyneton, where cobblestone footpaths remain.

Swiss-Italian heritage

The region's distinct European atmosphere comes courtesy of post-war Swiss Italian migrants and the accompanying cool climate. See clusters of traditional stone farm buildings around Yandoit, Guildford and Franklinford, and striking buildings stand in Clunes and Creswick. Pay special attention to the stunning Lavandula lavender farm's Swiss-Italian farm at Shepherds Flat, and tour the Old Macaroni Factory in Hepburn Springs to discover magnificent frescoes.

Walking histories

Stretch the legs, get some sun and learn about the region's past on a self-guided walking tour. Many villages have museums and heritage walks of key historical attractions. For more information, ask at the local visitor information centres.


Get your cricket fix at the birthplace of The Ashes – international cricket's most coveted trophy at Emu Bottom, Victoria's oldest homestead, and the famous Rupertswood mansion. Cricket Willow, outside Hepburn Springs, is where you go to pay homage to cricket bats.

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History & heritage

History & heritage

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre

The Seymour Railway Heritage Centre operates special passenger services throughout Victoria and interstate, utilising its extensive fleet of...


Australian Army Tank Museum

Located on the working Puckapunyal Military Base, the Australian Army Tank Museum is home to over 70 armoured fighting vehicles, making it one of the...

History & heritage

Daylesford Spa Country Railway

Ride a train straight out of the good old days at Daylesford Spa Country Railway, when life was simpler and train services were an essential part of...

History & heritage

Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk

The Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk was opened in March 2013. The Wall includes both the names of all Australian veterans who served in the...

Heritage buildings

Andersons Mill, Smeaton Historic Area

In a postcard setting on the banks of Birch's Creek at Smeaton, Anderson's Mill stands as a powerful reminder of an industry that flourished after...

Heritage buildings

Malmsbury Viaduct

Take a stroll out to the back of the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens and see the outline of the Malmsbury Viaduct stretching across the Coliban River.

History & heritage

Scrub Hill 1869

In 1869 the Scrub Hill locals commissioned a Bluestone Church forming the heart of the community. 150 years later, Scrub Hill church is restored,...

History & heritage

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

Stroll the stunning grounds of this Swiss-Italian lavender haven, play petanque, and enjoy a glass of lavender sparkling wine at the trattoria.

Parks & gardens

Ard Choille Heritage Garden

The Ard Choille Heritage Garden is both botanically and historically one of the best of the renowned Mount Macedon gardens, which as a group...

History & heritage

WW1 Memorial Park

Seymour's World War One Memorial Park is a tribute to the district's men and women who served. In November 1927, Memorial Gates were built by...


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